EZero Spray Foam Insulation has a lifetime guarantee

Spray foam can be used in many different situations. Within the home it can be applied to roofs, attics, floors, with underfloor heating systems and interior and exterior walls. Other uses include agricultural farm buildings, within the commercial and industrial sectors, sheds, shipping containers, boats, and within the refrigeration industry.

Spray foam insulation is by far the most efficient insulating material on the market today. It provides superior value in comparison to traditional insulating materials such as rock wool, fiberglass, cellulose and polystyrene boards. It is quick and easy to apply and causes very little mess and disturbance of daily activity. A typical Irish house can usually be insulated within a day.

Spray foam insulation not only keeps your home warmer during the colder months, but it also will keep your house cooler during the summer. Due to its composition and “Cell” structure, it allows the house to breath by permitting the escape of moisture laden air. It also forms an airtight barrier which envelopes your home, inhibiting the entrance of cold wind and driving rain. All other insulating materials available today fall tremendously short on this aspect and allow the heat in your home to be sucked away.

Spray foam insulation also acts as an excellent sound barrier. It dramatically reduces the noise from the exterior environment from entering the home. This is beneficial when a home or business is located in a highly populated or industrialized area, or when a home is situated near an airport. It is also used within the interior walls to deaden the sounds that may pass from room to room or between floors. It excels when applied to bathroom walls where the sounds from showers and flushing toilets can be a problem. It also eliminates the noises generated from in wall or underfloor piping by encapsulating them while insulating the pipes as well.