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Shipping containers should be insulated when the goods being transported could be potentially and negatively affected by extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Combating condensation and dampness within a container is also a concern, especially on long hauls, and is crucial when transporting goods which may react adversely to these conditions such as linens, fabric, clothing, furniture, certain metal item which may be prone to rust and many more.

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Shipping Container - Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is also ideal when applied to containers which house their own cooling or freezing units which keep the contents such as meats and vegetables from perishing. Actually, all products that you find in the frozen and refrigerated isles of your local supermarket have been transported by similar means.

Shipping containers are also now being used for other purposes. Some of these include, complete homes, schools, storage units, cafes, offices on building sites, kiosks, urban toilets, workshops and garages.

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There are no gaps between the insulation and the container’s wall which further enhances the insulating properties of spray foam. Also, there is no need to erect wooden framing or a support system to keep the insulation in place as the foam adheres directly to the sidewalls and ceiling of the storage container. It can be sprayed as thin or as thick as necessary to achieve whatever insulating is required.

Insulation of the floor can also be achieved by framing it out with wood, applying the foam, trimming any excess and then covering it with your choice of materials. The floor can be insulated by first framing it out with wood, spraying the foam, trimming off any overflow and then covering it with plywood or any other material that you choose.

We will work with you to fully understand your requirement to provide you a property that is insulated your living environment and is warmer and healthier than before we started.
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