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As you are already aware, spray foam insulation far surpasses any of the older more traditional methods of insulating and is the one of the most effective solutions to roofing and insulation issues. Another important contribution is that it also acts as a superb sound barrier. Open cell spray foam is quick and easy to apply and causes minimal disturbance. It can be applied through the existing floors or from below through the ceiling.

When used within walls, attics, roofs and floors it dramatically reduces the transference of sound in comparison to fibreglass, rock wool and polystyrene boards. Due to its dense composition and the application process which results in the creation of a complete airtight envelope. It prevents the infiltration of sounds generated from the external environment, such as pedestrianised streets, traffic and in situations where homes are located near an airports or areas of heavy industry.

It also prevents sounds generated from within a structure from reaching the floors above, below or into adjacent rooms. Talking, hair dryers, telephones, office computers and printers, washing machines, flushing of toilets, running showers, clothes dryers, blenders, juicers, coffee grinders, televisions, music and gaming, walking on the upper floors, and the playing and practising of a musical instrument are but just a few types of noises which are frequently generated within a structure which would then be dramatically reduced by using spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation which is both flexible and filled with millions of minute air bubbles not only absorbs the vibrations of the floor and wooden members, but will actually inhibit the direct transfer of sound through the floor. By filling and sealing every crack and crevice that these sounds can travel through, spray foam insulation reduces the transmission of airborne noises.

Spray foam insulation also dampens if not totally alleviates sounds that may originate from within a floor such as water flowing through pipes. It completely surrounds the pipes holding them securely in place preventing them from rattling. It also eliminates the sounds that are created when hot water flowing through the pipes from the heating system heats the wooded joists causing them expand, creak and groan.

It also prevents the heat escaping to the upper floors which causes the lower floors to become cooler, which in turn requires more heat to keep them warm, and the upper floors to become too hot.

We will work with you to fully understand your requirement to provide you a property that is insulated your living environment and is warmer and healthier than before we started.
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