Attic Insulation

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Insulate your attic

Properly insulating your attic is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your home warm while dramatically driving down your utility bills.

As is well known, heat rises, and up to 50% of of it can be lost through an inadequately insulated attic.

Insulating your attic using spray foam is a very simple process and can usually be completed in less than a day with a minimal amount of disturbance and mess.

There are two types of foam insulation: Open cell and closed cell. Read more on Open cell and closed cell.

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Breathable Vent Card

What is unique about spray foam insulation in comparison to traditional insulating materials, such as rock wool, fiber glass or cellulose, is that it expands into ever nook and gap of the roof space, providing an airtight seal which prevents the infiltration of damp cold air and more importantly wind.